LPG Vehicle Conversions

The U.K’s leading LPG Vehicle Conversion Specialists

Established since 2005, Birmingham Autogas are the U.K's largest and most reputable LPG Vehicle conversion specialists. We have several UK LPG Approved installers, to date we have converted over 4,000 vehicles to LPG. We only use reliable tried and tested OEM quality LPG equipment. The safety of our customers, their vehicles and passengers is our number one priority, therefor we refuse to install cheaper less reliable and potentially dangerous equipment.

Price List

* 4 Cylinder Vehicles | King:£799 | BRC:£950
* 6 Cylinder Vehicles | King:£1000 | BRC:£1350
* 8 Cylinder Vehicles | King:£1250 | BRC:£1600LPG

All conversions come with two years parts and labour warranty and include UKLPG Approved safety certificates and placement on the online UK LPG vehicle register.

Why convert to LPG

It's Cleaner, Greener and Cheaper. LPG Autogas is by far the most widely available environmentally friendly alternative fuel with over 1400 refuelling sites throughout the UK, most of which are on petrol forecourts. Recent independent tests have also shown that LPG has the best environmental record compared with petrol and diesel.

List of Convertible Direct Injection Vehicles (Click Here)

LPG Conversions

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Birmingham Autogas (Star City)
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Birmingham Autogas (Tyseley)
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LPG & Filling Centre

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