LPG Gas Cylinders

We cant be beaten on price

Whether you are a large or small user we can supply LPG gas cylinders cheaper than you existing supplier.

Gas Cylinders for Domestic Use

LPG gas cylinders are an ideal way to heat your home and provide you with your cooking needs if you don't have space or a bulk tank. You can connect multiple cylinders together to an automatic change over regulator giving you an uninterrupted gas supply. When a cylinder is empty the regulator will automatically change over to the full cylinder, you can then re order without having to run out of gas.

Gas Cylinders for Industrial / Commercial use

LPG gas cylinders have a wide range range of commercial applications from catering and industrial heating to powering fork lift trucks. Contact us for a personalised quote we can guarantee to beat you current supplier. For our industrial / commercial customers we offer automatic top up delivery swapping over empty for full cylinders or you can order as and when you need.

Gas Cylinder guide

* 6 Kg Propane - ideal for camping stoves and
small roofing projects

* 11 Kg Propane - Perfect for BBQs and patio
heaters. Larger roofing projects

* 13 Kg Butane - Great for small indoor cabinet
heaters, can also be used for BBQs

* 19 Kg Propane - For catering and light caravan
use, also for heating

* 18 Kg FLT Propane - Perfect size to power your FLT

* 47 Kg Propane - Domestic and commercial heating, static caravans, grain drying, poultry and pheasant rearing, spray booths, catering

All propane cylinders are a screw fitting, our butane cylinder uses a 21mm clip on fitting.
Order gas cylinders online

You can order gas cylinders online, or collect from any one of our depots 7 days a week. For large users please contact
us for pricing.

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