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You would not need to pay a deposit if you have an empty Birmingham Autogas Cylinder. We do not accept Calor, Flogas or any other companies gas cylinders.
If you have a bulk tank and have been in a contract for two years or more or are coming to the end of your contract. Download our supplier switch form on the Home LPG page, fill out section A and email it to us. We handle the rest.
If you are a large user, contact us and see how we can help secure you the most competitive price.
Cylinders should be stored in a well ventilated area. Cylinders in storage should be properly secured to prevent toppling or rolling. Protect cylinders stored in the open against rusting and extremes of weather.
You can return your cylinder to us at any time for a full refund on your deposit.
Yes, a £30.00 deposit is needed to be paid for each additional cylinder.
We are continuing to expand our delivery area. Email us at sales@birminghamautogas.co.uk with your address details to see if we will extend coverage to your area.
Our prices start from £800 for a standard four cylinder kit.
The majority of cars it takes one day to convert, a few require 2 days.
Due to the quality of the latest sequential kits there is virtually no performance loss in converting your vehicle to LPG. However you may notice a quieter and smoother ride.
King system - 12 months BRC - 2 years Prins - 3 years
Yes we have a number of UKLPG approved installers at Birmingham Autogas.
We place your vehicle on the UKLPG online register and issue you with a certificate to show this. We also provide you with a certificate for your MOT if you are a taxi driver.
Our fuel tanks are extremely safe and come complete with safety valves and cut off switches incase of a fire or emergency situation. All of our tanks are European standard and safety tested. All our tanks are fitted to LPGA safety guidelines (COP11)
Most commonly we recommend a tank in the spare wheel of the boot. We can also install a tank behind the rear seats space permitting.
All propane cylinders are a standard screw fitting, our butane cylinder uses a 21mm clip on fitting.

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