LPG Vehicle Conversions

According to a recent article by the BBC the average price per litre of fuel in the U.K is now £1.20 for Petrol and £1.29 for Diesel. -

LPG - 54p/litre

With Autogas available from 54p/litre converting yoru car to LPG can reduce your fuel costs by at least 50%.

Why Choose Birmingham Autogas

We have been carrying out LPG vehicle conversions since 2005, over this period we have converted over 3,000 vehicles to LPG. We do not install any cheap unreliable and potenitally dangerous equipment.

The majority of our customers carry out professional driving for a living such as taxi drivers. Any time of the road for them is a loss of income, this is why we are the number one choice for LPG conversions, our 15 years of experience and technical knowledge means your car will be converted hastle free leaving you to drive without noticing any differences whether the vehicle is running on petrol or LPG.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

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