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LPG is a versatile low carbon fuel that has many industrial and commercial applications including:

  • Heating and cooking for leisure and catering
  • Industrial process heating
  • Fork lift Trucks
  • Agricultural

LPG Tanks can also be installed in commercial and business properties where suitable and in accordance with the relevent codes of practices. Whatever your commercial need for LPG be it heating, poultry farms, operating fork lifts, motor home parks or selling Autogas we can provide the right solution for you.

For Cooking
Professional caterers often use propane cylinders for cooking as it is a cost efficient and versatile alternative to mains gas.
Benefits of LPG:

  • Cylinders can be used for mobile catering vans
  • Controllable flame for optimum cooking temperature
  • More environmentally friendly then oil
  • Burns cleanly, virtually no soot or smell
  • Lights instantly with immediate full heat

LPG Forklifts
We also provide LPG cylinders for use in forklift vehicles, these are often cheaper and quieter to operate then diesel alternatives.
Benefits of LPG:

  • Lower initial purchase cost of vehicle
  • Fast Refuelling
  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Less Wear and Tear

To get a quote for commercial LPG supply please fill out our contact form. We deliver throughout the Midlands and the north.