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Your vehicle will have a higher resale value for a number of reasons.

More people are finding out about LPG all the time, in a few years time it should be common knowledge amongst the average consumer.

If you sell your vehicle with the kit then it will increase the sale value by quite a bit even if you decide to sell your vehicle without the kit it will still increase the value due to the fact that autogas is a cleaner fuel and causes less wear and tear then petrol or diesel.
There are two types of tanks that we fit, a cylinder shaped tank and a ring shaped tank. They are available in sizes from 40L-100L+. Special Underslung tanks are also available at an extra cost.
Yes its possible to remove the kit from your old vehicle and install it on a newer one.
LPG (often advertised as autogas) is sold at many fuel stations nationwide and new sites are being opened up all the time. For example, here in Birmingham there are 5 sites available within a 5 mile radius of our garage.
Our fuel tanks are extremely safe and come complete with safety valves and cut off switches incase of a fire or emergency situation. All of our tanks are European standard and safety tested. All our tanks are fitted to LPGA safety guidelines (COP11)
You must inform the DVLA and your insurance company that your vehicle has been converted to LPG. Some insurers require that the installers be UK LPG approved. We are fully LPGA approved and provide the certification required by the insurance companies.
All out kits come with a 2 years parts & labor warranty.
Due to the quality of the latest sequential kits there is virtually no performance loss in converting your vehicle to LPG. However you may notice a quieter and smoother ride. There is on average between 10-15% loss in MPG when you run your vehicle on LPG. However the savings you will make due the the price of LPG makes the loss in MPG insignificant.
For the majority of vehicles this will be one to two days. Our staff pride themselves in quality and will not rush the conversion process thus for some vehicles it could take up to five days.
A kit will be installed in your engine and a extra fuel tank will be added to your car, this is normally placed in the boot, however we can change this if desired. A filler also must be installed, this can be underneath the vehicle if desired thus avoiding changes to bodywork. A switch will be installed near the dashboard, the position of the switch is up to you. All of our kits automatically switch to gas within a few minutes of the car being turned on, they also automatically switch over to petrol when the gas has ran out.
Fully Sequential injection kits start from £900 inc VAT and Warranty, the total price depends on your car, the kit and optional items such as flashlube or a larger/extra tank. A few LPG installers still use old mixer systems, these systems are around the £700 mark. These systems are only suitable for older non fuel injected cars, they should not be installed on fuel injection engines.