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Fuelling your Fork Lift Truck Fleet

Posted 19/06/2019 17:17:05

Businesses that operate in the transport, logistics, distribution and warehousing space need a reliable, timely and low cost fuel supplier for their fleet of fork lift trucks.

Those operating in these sectors know that LPG powered fork lift trucks are the logical solution when deciding what type of FLT to run as they offer the equivalent power/output of diesel forklifts whilst at the same time being much cleaner allowing them to be used in doors. They also can be fully utilised around the clock without the need of downtime such as charging time for electric FLTs.
Better yet LPG FLT's are the most cost effective fuel choice, cheaper then diesel and electric FLT's when you consider the hidden charges (downtime / reduction in capacity, higher initial investment, underpowered, unsuitable in certain climates / terrains).

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