LPG Only

46 P/Litre

Domestic LPG

33 P/Litre

Gas Cylinders

From £10.00

Bulk LPG

Call for Best Price!


Triscan Fuel Managment System


We now accept card payments for Tag top-ups over the phone, ring 0121 326 7171 during Mon-Sun 9-6 and give the relevant details.

Please ensure you give your tag number and correct details for your card including the registered post code and address of the card.

Receipts will be saved inside the Cashier's hut (Star City branch) and are available to pick up for 7 days.


Use our Triscan Tag system to get 2 pence off every Litre!

Simply Pay a 10 returnable deposit for the fob and pre-pay 100 or more to receive a automatic 2 pence off the pump price

The Litres added to your account stay there and do not change regardless off the price changing

Once activated you can use the system 24 hours a day provided you have credit remaining

Deposit from 20-300, this allows you to pre purchase gas at low prices and still gain the benefit when the prices increase!


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